Technological Consulting

At each stage of technology consulting, our team of specialists applies its knowledge and experience to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the client.


We can use practically all materials available on the market for production. Example plastics we use include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS, etc.

Depending on the technology, the raw material can be in the form of sheet, foil, granulate, powder, filament, etc.

What is our consulting about?

Knowing the business objective, we can optimize the project to maximally reduce the cost of manufacturing. These changes may include reducing weight, wall thickness, changing material, as well as technologizing the project.

We adjust projects from mass production to batch or individual production, or vice versa. Depending on the quantity of items, we select the appropriate technology. Very often, making the same element in different quantities may require a different technology—for example, by using a more expensive tool but obtaining a lower product price.

We adjust projects to the optimal manufacturing technology. Sometimes a few design changes that do not alter the utility values can allow for the production of a given product using a different technology.

Our wide base of materials allows us to achieve the desired effect both aesthetically and at the right price. For example, sometimes it is worth using a lower-priced material because the utility parameters will not change. Other times, certain additives can change the properties of the final product, such as UV resistance.

Areas in which we share knowledge and experience

At each step, our expert team uses their knowledge and experience to benefit you. We thoroughly analyze every inquiry to suggest possible improvements and ask detailed questions to fully apply our expertise in optimizing the product’s cost and features.

At Plastipol, we specialize in the production of plastic products. Simply present your needs, and our team of experts will take care of selecting the appropriate manufacturing technology. You don’t need technological knowledge – we will handle the entire process. We specialize in technological consulting and are ready to answer any questions at every stage. Thanks to numerous production technologies, we are able to comprehensively assist our clients.

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Ikona — wyroby z tworzywa sztucznego w przemyśle spożywczym

Our high level of technical knowledge and access to 4 different manufacturing technologies enable us to create the most unusual plastic products.

When you assign us your production needs, we take care of everything from start to finish: from creating prototypes, designing and making molds, to completing your order.

Ikona - tworzywa sztuczne

We specialize in manufacturing large-sized products, paying attention to every aspect of the item – from durability and proper weight of the detail to ensuring ease of product transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting is part of our service and is not charged additionally. At every stage of the purchasing process, we advise our clients on technology, technical aspects, and more.

Our service is focused on advising our clients at every stage. Since consulting is a part of this service, we do not provide it without the intention of production.

In exceptional cases, we design a 3D model based on which you can start production with us or approach another company. Such a service is then additionally charged.